The Best Software Engineers are out there.

You just need to know where to look, or know somebody who can do this for you.

 At Remote Digital Teams, we’re constantly finding the best software engineers and buliding digital teams for our clients. The majority of our clients are very successful tech companies & so the standards are high. Successful tech companies generally run a tight ship and want to keep their software engineering teams small but good. They don’t tend to hire a lot of juniors but instead keep their teams smaller with seniors who can produce a lot of output.

That’s a challenge if you’re hiring really clever mid-senior software engineers all of the time. For example, Ireland is a small country with a LOT of the world’s largest tech companies having head offices here. They pay well and can attract the best talent. That’s brilliant for Ireland’s economy and where would we be without them.

This presents a challenge for, let’s call them tier 2 companies, who are really successful but need talent just as much as the big guys.

I talk to about 15-20 tech companies in Ireland, the UK and the US each week. The problem is always the same. We’re struggling to find and, more importantly, keep good software engineers. Competing locally for these software engineers is a struggle which leads them to my door.

I usually give this advice:

  1. Invest in your core team & do whatever it takes to keep them motivated – You need a baseline of reliable people to keep things going.
  2. Don’t be afraid to look remotely for really good talent – Local talent is moving around too much. You cannot rely on keeping people, despite their best intentions
  3. Don’t just outsource everything and say, hire 50 engineers at once – Do it at a pace you’re comfortable with. Hire teams as you need them and make sure you’re happy with quality. 
  4. Have remote engineers work alongside your internal teams – Don’t just keep them separate or you will never win. Blend all of your internals & contractors to get the best results.
  5. Work with a company you can trust.

That last point works in my favour as we’re based in Ireland & the UK. We can call into your office when that’s needed and there’s a link straight away. Yes, we build some of the best remote teams in Europe but, we’re also here locally and have the same culture & values as you do. I’m not saying you can’t get this with totally remote companies, but it helps a lot being from the same place as you.

So, to summarise, there are great software engineers available throughout Europe. Talk to somebody you trust to find out more and see if it’s a fit for your company. Most people are working remotely now, so the change is already upon us.

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