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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably realised how difficult it is to hire software developers. In truth, that’s probably the easy part. The hard part is retaining them.

Covid has brought change to our daily lives relating to how we work, travel, shop & socialise. There are ways that you can take advantage of this when looking to hire software developers. People want a hybrid or totally remote working environment. It’s the new perk – even more important than salary, training or fulfilment. People don’t want to travel.

“All the money in the world can’t buy you back even one second of time”.

There’s always a market upturn or downturn just around the corner which leaves employers in a constant state of hiring flux. When things are great, there’s a shortage of staff and vice versa. You need to learn to plan, hire and retain the staff you know you will need long term. you will need a strategy for this.

hire remote software developers

Here are a few tips that we’ve learned over time:

1. Look for smart software engineers.

More often than not, employers get hung up on the number of years of experience a person has & what projects they’ve done. Project experience is important as it often tells a person more about what not to do by experience. Seniority in terms of years though is not always the best indicator of a good fit. 

We generally look for software engineers who are really clever and can solve a small problem for us in a very concise way. We may give them a small problem to fix using codepen or another tool. We take a look at their approach & code to see how they do. It’s tricky and some people don’t like it but, I’m telling you, it’s a good indication of how clever the person is. See how to find the best software developers in Europe.

2. Get the job spec right.

Do not put in every technology you can think of into your job spec. Be concise as you don’t want to turn people off. It’s a sellers’ market at the moment & software engineers will only work with the technologies that suit them. You’re probably turning away great people by putting too much into your spec.

3. Don’t just look locally.

The tech market is insane and there are too many companies looking locally for the same talent. Take Dublin for example. All of the major global tech companies are headquartered here. It’s really difficult to retain software developers. Most companies just cannot compete with the rates I am being told about. 

You have to change your strategy and widen the net. If you’ve seen our website, you will know that we have been doing this for years for some really good tech companies. We build our software teams mostly in Europe with some exceptions. the point is that we’re able to find the best talent across Europe to build exceptional teams for clients. Compliance can be an issue, but we take care of that also.

4. Do background checks.

If you are hiring outside of your own country, make sure to do a robust background check. If they say they run their own company, check that out & make sure they’re compliant in their country.

5. Ensure software developers adhere to your security.

Whether the person works 5km away, in the UK or in Australia, they’re going to need to follow your security policies. They’re working remotely and that’s just part of life now. you need to make sure that you have the infrastructure in place for them to adhere to your security policies. I’ll talk more about that in a future post.

Final word:

Since covid, working remotely is inevitable. Most employers embrace that and have the infrastructure in place. Companies now need to go to the next level and develop a strategy for distributed remote teams. 

The successful ones are already doing this. It’s a fact that your budget will go a lot further in some countries which means that you can retain staff for a lot longer than locally. See our pricing for example and decide yourself how far your budget will take you. You can use this to your advantage or not. The choice is yours!

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