Automate DSE Assessments & reduce sick leave

Employers should be certain that the home/hybrid office is an injury free zone.
Neck, Back, Arms, Eyesight - all are effected.

Our AI technology scans 1000's of employee's office ergonomics each Day

Our AI Video Analysis ensures that your employee's have the correct ergonomics while working from home.

Scan thousands of employee's home ergonomics in minutes and take data driven action.

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    Be assured your employees are safe while working from home

    AI & Webcam combine to prevent Posture Injuries

    1x 45 Minute AI Assessment per Week. No disruption to work.

    AI Video Monitors Employee Posture while Working

    Video is processed on Employee's laptop

    Employee Video never leaves laptop. Full privacy ensured

    Know your employees are healthy at home. Monitor improvements over time.

    Company wide data on home ergonomics